Remove New Hampshire Voting Machines

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Flip ItHundreds Of Votes Shift At Windham Recount β€” For Reasons UnknownClick here to view the articleFold ItWindham vote auditors point to ballot fold lines as possible source of discrepancies.Click here to view the articleMail ItIt appears a buildup of dust in the read heads of optical-scan voting machines can cause paper-fold lines in absentee ballots to be interpreted as votes.Click here to view the article

Flip It, Fold It, or Mail It.

The Machines Won’t Count It!

  We are aligning to remove the voting machines in our towns/cities. Your voice as a citizen will help us succeed in this movement!

   Each town/city has a preset petition threshold to remove the voting machines. Once the threshold is met, your petition will be forwarded to your town/city select board for a public hearing.

   In accordance with RSA 656:40 stating ballot counting machines were adopted on a Trial Basis so we wish to  return to manual hand counting by citizens.  Thank you for your efforts and support in advance!

For your town/city, please sign the petition warrant article below. For the purpose of acceptance by the town, it is required to include your name, date of birth and address as it appears with your town’s voter registration. 

We are legally demanding your town/city to remove the machines.

Please click here to sign the Petition Warrant Article to remove the machines.

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