Ask yourself This

Would you find it acceptable if you paid your electric bill and the payment was not applied to your account?  Many NH residents have wondered if their votes have gone where they intended. 

Do you know that most election machines are considered closed systems, which means most people can’t see how they work or what they are programmed to do?  That’s like not knowing where your electric payment went.

An open-source system is one where the process or its software code can be viewed by anyone. We wondered…

  • What effect would it have if you were unable to know that your vote was counted properly?
  • Would knowing that your vote was processed on an open-source machine give you confidence that your vote was recorded as you had intended?
  • A hand count of ballots can also be considered open source, because people control the process and are accountable for it.
  • Do you want to help ensure that our votes go where they were intended, by removing machines from the process?